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DRPU Excel to Phonebook Converter

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As a business owner, you probably interact with multiple contact lists daily. Currently many computer users use MS Excel sheet application for maintaining contacts including Company name, Email and Phone numbers etc. But when we want to import contacts Excel sheet to phonebook then we face this problem that how to import Excel contacts to phonebook.

Here, DRPU Software provides Excel to Phonebook Converter Software to convert entire contact excel file into phonebook file. Software also provide option to import these phonebook files (VCF files) to your social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ etc and invite these contacts to become your social media connection.

DRPU Database Converter – Excel to Phonebook

Step 1: Browse Excel file and Click on 'Next' button.

Software Highlights:

  • Software supports batch conversion of contacts saved in excel spreadsheets into phonebook files (VCF files).
  • Software provide option to skip empty rows and columns in your excel sheets before conversion process.
  • Excel to Phonebook converter software is also having an option to convert entire Excel contacts files into single VCF file.
  • Software does not requires Microsoft outlook installation on your PC to convert excel file contacts.
  • Excel to Phonebook converter program provide option to import Excel Contact file to your Mobile devices.