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DRPU Kids Birthday Invitation Maker for Mac

The Free Edition of DRPU Kids Birthday Invitation Maker for Mac helps you to design and send invitation cards for kids birthday party.
› Software has various pre-defined card design samples and birthday invitation messages to quickly generate card.
› Design kids birthday invitation card according of your choice using various card designing objects such as line, text, symbols, images etc.
FREE Download DRPU Kids Birthday Invitation Maker
Kids Birthday Invitation Card
"All in One Party Invitation Card Maker for Mac" to design Free Invitation Cards for any Other Party or Occasion.
Generate multiple copies of invitation cards for kids birthday party with different images and text values using batch processing series generating feature of software.
Freeware program has advanced email-settings option to send created kids birthday invitation cards at specified emails.
Export or save designed kids b'day party invitation card images in different file formats such as JPEG, TIFF, Bitmap, PNG, GIF and PDF.
Print designed cards according to your requirement using print settings option available in software.
Software provides option to select image from library during Kids Birthday Invitation Card designing process.
You can specify color and background settings (Solid Color, Gradient, Image and Style settings) of kids birthday party invitation card.
Step by Step Procedure to Quickly Generate Kids Birthday Invitation Card on MAC
Open with existing Design Log

Select any one option from 'Start by using Wizard' or 'Open with existing Design Log' for designing Kids Birthday Party Invitaion Card.

Steps to create Kids Birthday card

Choose card design, message according to your choice and then send created birthday invitation card. Click Next button to start designing card.

Select birthday invitation title and message

Software provides various birthday invitation titles and messages. Select title, message and Click on 'Next' button to proceed.

Kids Birthday Invitation Card Settings

Adjust various card settings including card size, card content color, content font, card background, and card border.

Size and Align Option

Adjust alignment of text by various alignment options including left side, right side, top side etc.

Print Designed Birthday Invitation Card

To print designed Birthday Invitation Card, go to print option then adjust various Page Properties, Card Size and Spacing, Margins between Card, Page Margins, and Card Alignments. Click on Print button to print designed card.

Print preview of designed card

You can also see print preview of designed birthday party invitation card by clicking on Preview button.

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