DRPU Barcode Software for Industrial Business Screenshots

To design barcode labels for Industrial Business follow the below steps:

Step1: In Quick Barcode Mode, simply barcode type (Linear Barcode or 2D Barcode).

Quick Barcode Mode

  • We select Telepen Font for demonstartion. Import Excel file to load barcode data
  • Change barcode font, style and size. Click Reset All to remove the barcode details

Step2: In Barcode Designing Mode, simply click Shapes from the left side to add shapes on label.

Shape Properties

  • Choose any one shape from Rectangle, Star, Polygon and so on.
  • According to shape type, select gradient or fill style.
  • Select show outline if needed then set rotate angle and transparency.

Step3: Go to the Print option in 'Barcode Settings' and choose print mode either 'Pre Define Label Stock' or 'Manual' to print designed Barcode labels.

Print Preview

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