DRPU Barcode Label Maker Software Screenshots

To design barcode labels for standard edition follow the below steps:

Step1: Select Barcode (Linear or 2D) as well as barcode font. You can also change Barcode Input Data, Barcode Settings and Barcode Color Option

DRPU Barcode Label Maker Software

  • Check Batch Processing then select Import File Mode to fetch data
  • Change barcode footer color and margin as shown in figure
  • Change Bar Height(cm), Density(cm) and Bearer Bar (Horizontal or Vertical)

Step2: Click text icon to change Text Properties on label

Text Properties

Click on text you want to edit. For demonstartion, we select Series number then choose transparent.

Step 3: You can print your generated barcode labels using print mode options (Pre Define Label Stock or Manual) .

Print Preview

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