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DRPU Anniversary Invitation Cards Designer

Create your own Anniversary invitations!
DRPU Anniversary Invitation Card Maker provides an easy way to invite guests to your anniversary. Except the beautiful Anniversary Invitation Card backgrounds, there are some awesome resources such as clipart images, stylish fonts and other various card designing tools offered to arm up your anniversary invitations.
Freeware app provides various card designs, anniversary invitation titles and messages to add on card. You can send designed anniversary invitation cards to the specified email IDs using email setting option.
Download Anniversary Invitation Card Maker
Anniversary Invitation Card Maker
To Design Invitation Card for Any Other Party or Occasion for Free, Go to "All in One Party Invitation Card Maker" .
Freeware Application provides Update option to update anniversary invitation card details according to your requirement.
You can design card for anniversary invitation using various card designing objects such as line, text, rectangle, symbols, images etc.
Software provides facility to save designed anniversary invitation card including JPEG, TIFF, Bitmap, PNG, GIF and PDF for future reference.
E-mail setting option to send your designed invitation card to single as well as multiple E-mail addresses.
Design invitation card for anniversary party in different shapes such as rectangle, rounded rectangle and ellipse.
You can create and print multiple anniversary invitation cards with different images and text value using Batch Processing Series Option.
You can crop images as per your requirements while designing invitation cards.
You can easily export designed Anniversary Invitation Card as pdf and as image.
Step-by-Step Guide: How to Design Anniversary Invitation Cards
Start by using Wizard

Select any one option either 'Start by using Wizard' or 'Open with existing Design Log' to start designing Anniversary Invitation Card.

Choose Your Design

For designing anniversary invitation card, you just need to choose your design and click Next button.

Select title and message

Select anniversary invitation title and message (that you want to add on card) and click Next option to continue.

Enter invitation card details

Enter anniversary invitation card details such as venue, date, time etc.

Anniversary Invitation Card

Here is your designed card for anniversary invitation. Using various card designing tools you can create card according to your choice.

Print Settings

To print your designed Anniversary Card, set all page properties and other print settings. Click on 'Print' button.

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