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Time Lapse Video Maker

DRPU Time-Lapse Video Creator allows automatic Capture of Pictures using Webcam and Creates Professional Time lapse videos in all resolutions including HD and 4K video quality resolutions and Frame rates.
• Freeware Time lapse app provides you to click still images in any format (.jpg/.png/.bmp) and turn them into a video.
• Timelapse editor offers manual controls like Resolution, Framerate, Mode and many more.
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Time Lapse Video Maker
Time Lapse Video Maker Features:
Freeware photo lapse maker captures image.
Change the orientation (Flip Vertically, Flip Horizontally) of the video.
Set the resolution, Bitrate(kbps) and Codec as per need.
You can add or browse sound into your video file using Audio option.
Save video files in MP4, AVI, MPG, FLV, MOV file format.
Make video in different mode (Monochrome Mode, Sepia Mode, Vintage Mode).
Step by step process for Time Lapse Video Maker
Start Capture

First, select capture device then click on "Start Capture" to make time-lapse video.

Connected Camera

Captured photo is shown in the figure.

Input Photo Data

Clcik on "Input Photo Data" to see the captured photo from the folder.

Frame Location

Preview of all the captured photos is shown.

TimeLapse Video Options

In Video options, change the Resolution, Orientation and Framerate of the video file.

Processing File

Timelapse video making process is going on.

Video created successfully

TimeLapse video has been created successfully.

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