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URL List Checker Software

100% Free
HTTP Status and Redirect checker software allows you to check HTTP status code, response header, and redirect codes from Bulk URL List for free. Uploading a list of URLs in bulk supported by Excel sheets, Notepad TXT Files, or even simple text copy-paste features.

Easily Check :

✔ HTTP Status Code

✔ Response Header

✔ Redirect Codes and Path Chains

✔ Expired Domains and Invalid Domain Names

✔ HTTP Response Header and Bulk HTTP Status Tool

✔ Redirects (301 302 chains or loops etc)

✔ Bulk check Url lists for status code

Freeware App Features:
This Freeware tool allows thousands of URLs at a time and completes the job like a pro.
HTTP response checker scans your page and status codes report within a few minutes.
Export redirect codes from the Bulk URL list in an easy way.
Check URL is 200 OK or 404 broken or on 500 503 Errors.
This tool returns HTTP response code for the whole list of url's in one go.
Screenshots to learn how to Check HTTP Status Code using URL List Checker

Import URL List Options

For demonstartion purpose, we import URL List from text file then click on Start Checking.

URL Checking Progress

Wait for a while, URL Checking process is in progress.

URL Monitoring Process Completed

Once the process is completed, you can export the file as per need.

Export Option

Select any Export Option or File Type to export the file in the system.

File show in Folder

Now you can see the resulted URL file into your folder.

Download 'DRPU URL List Checker'
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