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DRPU Free Read Text from Image OCR Software

No more retyping! Program enables you to easily convert text written in any image to editable notepad text and excel XLS and XLSX output formats.
DRPU Read Text from Image OCR Software
➢ Freeware program easily scan text from Photo or Camera and save in text or excel file format.
➢ Image to Text Converter Tool recognize text using OCR (optical character recognition) live using your camera or from saved images.
➢ Quickly convert JPEG PNG BMP TIFF GIF and camera photos to editable and re-usable text format.
More About App
Freeware Image to Text Software read text from pictures and save in text file or excel file format as per your choice.
Program allows you to edit extracted text to use in other application.
You can convert text from pictures, images and file printouts by using DRPU OCR Software.
Software has advanced feature to read text of all images saved in folder.
DRPU OCR Software provides options to read text from connected camera, read text from pictures, read text from all images in folder and read text from connected scanner.
Step by Step Guide: How to read text from image
Read Text from Camera

Program provides four option to read text from images, choose any one option according to your choice. For demonstration purpose, here we have selected 'Read Text from Camera' option and click next option to continue.

Select connected camera and save to notepad

Select connected camera, choose any one output saving option (in which file format you want to save text) and click next option to proceed.

Focus camera and read text

Focus your camera on image from which you want to read text and click on 'Read Text' button to read text from camera image. Checked the 'Open after scanning' checkbox to open output file after reading text. Click on 'Open Output Folder' option to open output location.

Notepad of text read from image

Here you can see the notepad of text read from image that you can edit as per your requirement.

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